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North East Motocross Club

Welcome to the North East Motocross Club. The club rules, supplementary regulations and club officials are enclosed.

The rules and supplementary regulations are for the benefit of the rider so please retain your copy as you may need to refer to them in the event of any query you may wish to address.


  • Chairman/Clerk of Course
  • Treasurer
  • Assistant Clerk of Course
  • Chief Lap Scorer
  • Points
  • Keith Pringle
  • Isabella Pal
  • Jimmy Knight
  • Debra Jennings
  • Lorraine Ryan


1. The object of the club is to promote the sport of motorcycling in general and to organise fun sporting/social events for its members.

2. The club reserve the right to affiliate to a governing body.

3. The club will apply to all requirements of furnishing the MCFederation with an enrolled membership list for the purposes of determining the affiliation fees due and payable to the MCF.

4. Any persons becoming members of the club will be required to pay a membership fee to the club.

5. Any paid up member of the club is entitled to stand for election for any vacant office that may arise.

6. All events run by the club will be in accordance and observation of the MCF and Regulations relative to Motocross.

7. Any members of the club who use any grounds of the club for unofficial practice purposes render themselves liable to their membership of the club being withdrawn without recompense and their MCF Licence being revoked.

8. Event timetable, as far as is possible, the following timetable will be observed:

Sign on – 7:30 a.m. to 9.00 a.m.

Practice Commences – 9.15 a.m.

9. Points system of awards will be as follows:

Adults & Youth :- 1st – 45pts, 2nd – 42pts, 3rd – 40pts, 4th – 38pts, 5th – 36pts, 6th – 35pts, 7th – 34pts, and so on to 40th place.

Please NOTE – Riders will be given last place points if they fail to complete the full race distance. 50% of the race must be completed by all riders. In the event of a race finishing on odd numbered race lap duration then the percentage of that race will be rounded down – i.e. 7 lap race – 3 laps, 9 lap race – 4 laps, etc.

In the event of a tie on points on the day, placing will be decided on the highest placing in the final leg.

Race Day Trophies will be awarded to 10th place in Youth classes. Experts will receive a cash prize at the end of season presentation. Trophies will be awarded to 6th place in Adult Expert,B, C under 35 also C over 35 classes.

10. The club will run for its members a club, Championship over the year. 15 rounds of which 12 rounds will count towards the Championship, and 11 rounds to count for Autos, 65cc, 85cc big wheel and small wheel. A rider’s membership shall commence from the first Club Championship meeting that the said rider competes. In the event of cancelled meetings and unavailability to re-schedule, then the rounds to count will be reduced pro-rata. All riders wishing to compete in the Championship must complete a membership application form.

At the conclusion of the season Championship Trophies will be awarded to the top ten competitors in all Adult & Youth Classes if having completed in nine or more rounds.

A tie break system will also apply to championship positions if the need arises, i.e., the overall placing will be decided on the highest number of finishing positions, i.e.: 1st; 2nd; 3rd; and so on until the tie is resolved.

12. The rider will produce his/her MCF licence when signing on. Failure to do so may result in exclusion from the event.

13. Marshalls shall be provided by the Club.

14. Ages and groups – the events will run with classes as determined by the Motocross Committee. Only persons eligible and licensed will be allowed to take part. Any person or rider found to be riding an over sized machine will be automatically suspended for the twelve months (subject to rights of appeal).

15. The club reserves the right to:-

a) At any time close the club membership/or that of any class it runs.

b) To run classes together in the event of a small entry (subject to clerk of the course).

c) Subject to all rights, take disciplinary action against any person(s) who the club consider by their actions or otherwise, bring the sport or the club into disrepute or expel any person(s) from club events whom the club feel may prejudice the name of the club. Any person/rider whom the club has the need to expel will be disqualified from the championship with immediate effect.

16. Any persons found riding or caught riding machines in the paddock areas may at the discretion of the clerk of the course be excluded from the meeting and requested to leave the event. This practice is DANGEROUS and will NOT be tolerated.

17. All entrants must and will complete one lap of practice prior to race commencement.

18. Any final instructions to entrants subsequently issued will have the same effect as these regulations and any other rules already in force.

19. All competitions run by the club under the jurisdiction of the MCFederation will be effectively insured under the policies affected by the MCF.

20. OBERSVATION OF CLUB RULES Any person, member or associate of the North East Motocross club, become members in recognition of the above rules and agree to be bound by them in all circumstances and any subsequent amendments duly authorised or introduced by way of enactment of the MCF, or the invested powers of the committee, will also apply.


22. All photographers has to present their liability insurance copy at arrival!

23. Once a rider has completed one lap over race there will be no refund available.



All competitions promoted by the club will conform to the MCF standing regulations for Motocross and to these supplementary regulations and to any subsequent final instructions which may be issued prior to the meeting/event.


Riders or entrants must hold a current MCF Licence competition or otherwise, to be eligible or officiate in an MCF Event.

Riders or entrants will observe the regulations laid down in the MCF and standing regulations relative to classes, ages and groups.


The club will promote classes of competition for both youth and adult riders in accordance with the appropriate regulations.


The regulations stipulating to entries will be stipulated by the entry secretary. Anybody entering an event and not turning up without notifying the entry secretary may be put on a reserve list for the next meeting they enter.


Membership fees for the 2018 season to be £20 for each member. Additional rider/s from the same family will be £5
Family membership is Father, Mother, Daughter, and Son.
Aunts, Uncles, Cousin etc must purchase their own membership.


Only the clerk of the course can permit a change of machine. Any request to do so must be made to him/her.


All regulations will be strictly adhered to in accordance with the rules and regulations.


No land will be used by the club at any time if it does not comply with the regulations and is not certificated by the MCF for use or has a current issue permit for use.

All rubbish to be removed and land to be cleared before the rider leaves if not points will be deducted!

No children or unauthorized person is aloud on the track when racing is on!!